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    For more information and to make a reservation, please contact our reservation team. We will be delighted to have you.


    Order one of our five special signature bouquets, a boîte à fleurs or tell us about your own individual wishes – we arrange all our bouquets with subtlety and passionate craftsmanship. Our delivery service will bring whatever you desire to your door.

    [email protected] or Tel. +41 61 262 35 35

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    Boîte à Fleurs

    There is almost nothing lovelier than giving someone pleasure with a gift of flowers. Exquisite flowers presented stylishly and simply – with a difference: Our boîtes à fleurs are now also available in three additional new sizes M,L and XL. Choose the boîte best suited to your purpose and give someonea wonderful surprise – for example on Mother’s Day or as an Easter greeting.

    Our boîtes are ideally suited to being sent by post and we guarantee their arrival at the recipient’s address by between 8 and 9 am the following morning, even on a Saturday.

    CHF 68 Boîte à Fleurs (Size M)
    CHF 118 Boîte à Fleurs (Size L)
    CHF 178 Boîte de Noël (Size XL)
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    In homage to the visit of the great Napoleon Bonaparte to the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois in 1797, which he crowned with a memorable and lavish banquet. This bouquet, with its variegated shades of green, captivates with its clarity, order and intensity.

    CHF 75

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    Pop Art

    A tribute to the two artists Nikki de Saint Phalle and her husband Jean Tinguely, who were highly esteemed guests of the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois for decades. Our pop art bouquet is inspired by Nikki de Saint Phalle's "Nanas" - the female figures she created, so full of life with their voluptuously rounded forms and radiant colours.

    CHF 90

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    Les Trois Rois

    Our royal bouquet in classical white exemplifies timeless elegance and beauty. The Bouquet Les Trois Rois is a tribute to the rich tradition of our Grand Hotel, which has been welcoming guests from all over the world and bringing people and cultures together for over three hundred years.

    CHF 120



    Our range of accessories contains such treasures as artfully crafted cloisonné enamel vases, exclusive tassels and exquisite scented candles by the French manufac- turer ”Maison Cire Trudon” founded in 1643.

    Gift Voucher

    Gift Voucher

    A gift voucher from the Fleurs des Rois is always appreciated. Give someone the gift of a colourful, flowery zest for life!

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